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Welcome to the National Batteries website. Established in 1990, as a specialist of only Panasonic batteries, National Batteries are the largest supplier of Panasonic Valve Regulated Lead Acid batteries to a wide range of customers throughout NZ.-

Why Panasonic? We chose Panasonic because not all VRLA batteries are the same. Battery life, quality and performance can vary between brands due to; design, component selection, quality of materials, production methods, quality control and environmental operation conditions.
The Power behind the Name is an appropriate description of Panasonic VRLA batteries. As one of the world’s largest manufacturers of batteries, Panasonic draws upon over 70 years of manufacturing experience in providing customers with world-class reliable, high quality batteries. If lowering the Total Cost of your batteries through superior power, absolute reliability and long service life is an important factor then Power Your Product with Panasonic.